marinated olives GFVG    $8

house–made dips w/ turkish bread VG    $12

house–made antipasto w/ veggies, olives, cheese & salami VVGO    $16

extra bread VG    $3

Meat & Seafood

grilled octopus & hand cut potatoes infused w/ herb sauce, citrus & extra virgin olive oil GF    $20

two mediterranean spiced lamb cutlets GF    $12

chicken skewers w/ lemon sauce GF    $15
+ add chili kick!    $1

meatballs in a rich tomato sugo GF    $15

salt & pepper calamari w/ yogurt & lemon GFO    $15

grilled choricitos w/ house–made pickles & bread GF    $16


chicken w/ salsa, coriander, lime & chili on corn tortilla GF    $14

veggies w/ pickles, coriander & chili on corn tortilla GFVG    $14

pulled pork w/ cabbage, coriander & chili on corn tortilla    $14

please notify our staff
if you have any specific
dietary requirements—

GF gluten free
GFO gluten free option
VGV vegan / vegetarian
VGO vegan option

The Yarra Lounge

bar & tapas — est. 2003



charcuterie platter w/ bread & chefs accompaniments GFO    $25

cheese platter w/ house made crackers & fruit GFO V    $25

¡Tus Favoritos!

let our super kitchen team craft a special dining experience with a collection of everyone’s ‘favoritos’! carefully paired with our wine list, ask our staff what the day’s pairings bring!    $30pp—minimum two


two fried empanadas w/ cheese filling    $14

two baked empanadas w/ south american-style chicken filling    $14

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patatas bravas w/ aioli & brava sauce GFVVGO    $13
+ add chorizo    $5

cheese croquettes bechamel base w/ hot sauce V    $13

eggplant chips w/ tzatziki sauce GFVVGO    $13

kefalograviera saganaki w/ stewed figs, lemon & apricot GFV    $16


mozzarella & basil w/ napoli & pita base V    $14

salami, roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives & pita base    $16

goats cheese & caramelized onion w/ napoli pita base V    $15


greens w/ serrano ham, shaved cheese & cherry tomatoes GF    $14

warm green beans w/ goats cheese, flaked almonds & carrot GFVGO    $12

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The Yarra Lounge
The Yarra Lounge
The Yarra Lounge